2013, the year that will be


An iconic year with respect to technology, 2012 has witnessed innovation, success and rivalry at its utmost peak. Products, services and technologies which were unveiled, indeed proved a point and raised the bar. However, with competition being the axis of the IT industry, there just has to be a bigger and a better following right behind.

Both the consumer and the entrepreneur have elevated hopes from the year ahead. As 2013 launches itself, we bring to you what have been and what will be the components of this years IT evolution.

Apple television

A supposed release of an Apple television has been doing the rounds of the industry since quite a while now. Knowing the nature of rumors in this industry, they either take immediate shape or end up falling flat on their faces, but this time it is fortunately the former. The Apple TV, commonly and evidently known to be the ‘Apple iTV’, is expected to hover through the market near the end of 2013. Rumor has it that Apple’s voice recognition software ‘Siri’ will be incorporated into the iTV along with Microsoft’s Kindle. So the users now will hopefully be able to talk to their TVs plus make use of facial recognition. Not much information is available on the design, apart from the dimensions which are believed to be somewhere between 32 and 55 inches.

Gaming consoles

With China’s long ban on gaming finally been lifted and gaming giants Sony and Nintendo’s shares hitting the sky, gaming is going to be back in vogue. Making sure that it does, Sony’s eighth gaming console, which will be called the PS4, is almost ready for launch. Estimated to be twice as swift as the present console, it also doubles expectations for data with a 1TB in built storage. Manufacturers say that energy efficiency and a compact structure have been paid special attention to. The PS3 is also being upgraded and that too with a slight relief on pricing.

Microsoft’s efforts for striking back at par with major competitors will be showcased by the next generation Xbox console. Code named Kryptos, the console is expected to be equipped with an updated Kinect technology with built in controls for Television, reality glasses, a revised controller along with media and cloud enabling capabilities. The design will be catchy and brand new, definitely goes without saying.


Wireless is now becoming as integral a part of today’s house hold and business environment as once internet was. With internet being a necessity and not a luxury anymore, wireless technology is now heading towards a similar fate.

With super fast speeds available for downloads and transfer over wireless, limitations do arrive when the demand overgrows i.e. when huge amounts of data have to be transferred or for High Definition streaming. The answer has been named ‘802.11ac’, and is an upgraded version of ‘Wi-Fi 802.11n’. It uses the same 5Ghz frequency but delivers better performance. Towards the end of this year, 802.11ad is also expected to be launched, which will supply a highly focused frequency of 60Hz and provide speeds of up to seven times faster than an Ethernet cable.


Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets are lined up for release this year if sources and company statements are to be believed. With the arrival of Windows 8, the laptop cum tablet category is out for grabs and more manufacturers will be seen producing products on similar lines. What is nearing though is the launch of the much talked and much hyped Surface tablets from the Microsoft camp. Available in 64GB and 128GB variants, the Surface Pro could be out in the early months of this year, but what is known for sure is that it would be largely popular for people who own and use both laptops and tablets.

Next is Korean super contender Samsung which has already sided its weapons in the tablet war, the 8 inch Galaxy Note tablet or the Note 8. Aimed directly at competing with the iPad mini in terms of performance and retail, it will be powered by Android 4.2 out of the box and has already made its debut at the World Mobile Congress.

Sony also seems to have recovered from the market loss following the manufacturing flaw in its Xperia S by getting ready for the launch of the Xperia Z tab along with the smart phones by the same name. Rumored to have a 10.1 inch screen and 32GB of internal memory the Xperia Z will be out in the market before July.

It would not be fair talking about tablets and not pitching in Apple, reports say that the iPad mini should be out mid 2013 as well, and that too with an HD display. Plus, a slightly thinner iPad might also be venturing out with no compromise in screen size but just a thinner frame width.

Smart phones

2013 has already seen the launch of BlackBerry10. Featuring an intelligent keyboard and a central BB Hub, it is operable with intuitive swipe gestures.

HTC’s Android phone called the Butterfly, which is also by far the most expensive Android in the country, is here with a 5-inch, full HD screen, dual HD cameras, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

On the other hand, Microsoft is pairing its surface laptop launches with a smart phone as well. Reports suggest that it will be manufactured by Foxconn and that it might be called the Surface Phone.

Also, Samsung Galaxy SIV is supposedly on the cards and expectations have started climbing towards a flexible and unbreakable 5-inch full HD screen. Keeping in mind Samsung’s versatility in displays, this might as well turn out to be true.

If there was even a tiny chance of all the gadgets above being launched and revealed at the same time, well then virtual chaos might just prevail! But, knowing that the wait is going to spread over a stipulated period of time, all one has to do now is wait and save a lot of money.

From ITvoir News Desk/Darab Bakhshi