Goibibo launched flight tracking feature in app and website


Online hotel booking engine and travel agency Goibibo.com , which is a part of South African digital media firm Naspers, has introduced a new feature “live flight tracking” in its app and website for 1,824 daily flight schedules which includes both domestic and international flights.

“Flight tracking and status information is first of its kind. This is in line with our focus of constantly delivering unique consumer experiences and at the same enhancing our travel social network, goContacts,” said Founder and CEO of Ibibo Group, Ashish Kashyap.

The new feature enables friends/families of the passenger to track their journey as well as get notified about arrival information or change in schedules.

The feature enables passengers to get real time data on the flight schedule, aircraft type, gate number and baggage carousel information. It notifies the passenger on delays with estimated time of departure and arrival; change in terminal and gate information.

The company says it will also be integrating the same feature with its goContacts social feature. A social network for travelers, goContacts was launched earlier this year.

Meanwhle, Goibibo’s flights business turned profitable in 2015. The company claims its domestic air ticketing business has grown by more than 115%. The company said mobile contributes 65% of the flight bookings and 82% of hotel bookings on Goibibo.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, ITvoir News Desk