A Chrome extension to detect fake news on Facebook


No more odds to debates, it appears that Facebook just can’t catch a break. The world’s biggest social media network, which just a couple of months ago, drew criticism for evacuating the historic Napalm attack photo, is under fire again for allegedly failing to remove fake news stories and hoax articles.

A recently launched report by Gizmodo website stated that some critics feel Facebook indirectly ‘helped’ Republican chosen Donald Trump to win the United States presidential election.

While the social media giant is yet to issue any clarification in regards to the issue, an outsider ‘solution’ has come up, promising to help in getting rid of fake news stories from Facebook. And it’s called, get this – B.S. Detector.

A Google Chrome expansion, B.S. Detector claims to recognize news articles on Facebook that originate from ‘questionable sources’.

Beginning with the B.S. Detector is simple. Once the extension is augmented from the Chrome Web Store, all a user need to is look over the article if they want to check. If B.S. Detector is incredulous about authenticity of the website, it appears as a pops up a warning reading that the ‘website is considered a questionable source’.

According to Daniel Sieradski, the developer of the Google Chrome extension, B.S. Detector flags websites if is in the views of rundown of scam destinations that has he gathered, instead of relying on calculations. He further added that all the websites are regarding political news. Moreover, users can file requests to modify the settings on the extension’s code repository on GitHub.

A recent report claimed that Facebook had a tool to filter out fake news circulating on the social network but declined to deploy it, out of fear of offending conservatives.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk