Actis Tech unveils Smartphone enabled Home Automation Solutions


Actis Technologies has launched Home Automation solutions in the mobile surface technology segment like Smartphones, Tablets, etc. These solutions strive to simplify the day-to-day activities with the use of intuitive touch interface of the smartphones. The solution with the use of app on the Smartphone will provide a simple interface to adjust fine details of the home’s climate and lighting, as well as a way to manage security cameras and operate door locks from the home or remotely from any location.

Actis Technologies is a leader in communication and collaboration technologies and offers solutions like Video conferencing, Unified Communication, 3D Telepresence, Interactive Training Centres, Gesture Control, Virtual Office among others. In the age of smart innovations, this solution enables the user to use their smartphones as if it is a remote control for all electronic appliances. Apart from the usual features like controlling the air conditioner or turning on a washing machine; it also helps the users to get constant feeds regarding the home environment like incase of a robbery; if somebody tries to break into the house, the user would immediately get the information on his smartphone.

Smart technology is the need of the future and this home automation solution takes a step forward to help the homeowners save even more money by cutting back on energy consumption. As households are increasingly equipped with automation, smart TVs, energy management features and cloud-based security systems, this Smartphone enabled solution will become a sort of command-and-control hub, allowing the users to dim the lights, open the curtains, engage the alarm or check in on their kids via video feed.

Mr. Abhimanyu Gupta, Director, Actis Technologies stated that over the past few years, residential solutions have been the segment which has shown a remarkable progress due to technological innovations. This Smartphone enabled solution is definitely a breakthrough in the smart homes category where a person can simply link up all the devices and control everything from climate to lighting to home security with a Smartphone in a hand.

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