Add color to your holi greetings with GupShup Messenger


GupShup Messenger, India’s leading mobile messaging app, introduced today a wide variety of rich, colorful greeting icons to enable users to creatively express themselves during the Holi festival. Users can now send greetings full of gulal, water balloons, sprinklers, stained clothes and bucketfull of colors to their loved ones, even if they’re far away. The icons are striking, visually appealing and large sized, almost like mobile greeting cards. GupShup brings Holi colors to mobile phones and redefines what it means to celebrate Holi with your loved ones, even if they’re not near you.

The pack of icons released today is in addition to a diverse set of icons pre-loaded in the app reflecting popular themes such as sports, foods, movies, culture, religion, regional content and more. Additionally, users also have access to a continually growing online library of icons. Even better, unlike other messengers, GupShup enables users to upload their own emoticons, enabling them to express themselves in uniquely personal ways.

“No Holi is complete without gulal, pichkari, water balloons, color-water buckets, stained clothes and bodies. No messenger app is complete without a way to share these colors with your loved ones. GupShup is excited to be adding color to everyone’s life and enabling them to share festivities with their loved ones. Happy Holi!”

Unlike other apps with standard smilies, GupShup Messenger has set the bar with compelling local icons that reflect the culture and diversity of its users. This special pack customized for Holi allows users to play Holi virtually, send wishes to friends and family, no matter where they are.

This special pack includes greetings saying Happy Holi in various colourful and playful forms, A bucket full of colourful water, A Pichkari, A Bura na maano holi greeting, Have a colourful Life greeting, Holi hai bhai holi hai greeting, Satrangi Holi greeting and numerous other greetings with people in action and playing Holi.

GupShup Messenger app bridges smart-phones and feature-phones – enabling users to reach every mobile device. The app combines public and private messaging in one place – enabling users to reach every friend and follower.Smart-phone users send / receive messages using the data channel, while feature-phone users send / receive messages using SMS. If the message recipient does not have the app, GupShup will deliver a text message to them free of cost. In a way, that’s unlimited, free text messages bundled into the app – the app user need not buy an SMS plan. The GupShup app works on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Nokia S40 platforms.