Amazon surpasses Flipkart as the most downloaded mobile app in India


Amazon has beat Flipkart as the most downloaded app on Google play stores and Apple’s app store during the first quarter of this year, this is a great achievement for the company that is seeking to become the No. 1 platform for e-commerce transactions in India.

One of the leading app data trackers has given this data after comparing all Indian retail apps. Data for the past 28 days from Similar Web, another web and app analytics firm, also claims Amazon ahead of homemade app Flipkart in app downloads, showing that the former has been able to maintain the momentum even into the second and third quarters.

“While Flipkart has reduced its sale events and advertisements on media, Amazon continues to spend money on media and naturally tends to get more people to download the app. The Amazon app quality is also better since it is a global technology platform. Indications are that Amazon might be very close to Flipkart or already ahead in sales,” said one of the experts. He noted though that these data sets do not reveal any information about the value of the goods sold on the platforms.

Notwithstanding downloads, Amazon still trails Flipkart in monthly active users on the mobile app, the App Annie data shows. SimilarWeb also finds Flipkart to be ahead of Amazon in active app usage. While 4.5% of Flipkart users launched the app every day, only 2.7% of Amazon users did so daily. Consumers also spend more time on the Flipkart app (8.25 minutes per session) than on Amazon (6.2 minutes). But if the recent app download trends continue, the gap in usage may shrink.

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