Apple in talks to acquire McLaren supercars?


Rumors about Apple being in talks to acquire McLaren have been round the corner since quite some time, but rumors were set to rest recently.

As per latest reports from New York Times, Apple might also be talking to Lit Motors for a potential acquisition. This indicates Apple is directing its efforts towards disrupting the automotive Industry.

Lit motor is not as big a company as McLaren but has developed a self balancing motor cycle and are working on other interesting technologies in the automotive space. They also have about 10 patents which involve self driving technology.

Many Silicon Valley members be it Google, Telsa or Uber are working on driverless car initiatives in some way or the other but Apple has not been so vocal towards this direction of initiatives.

Insiders do suggest Apple has been working on “Project Titan” for few years now, which aims at developing an electric car. There is no confirmation towards existence of this project though. As per reports, Apple has already hired engineers from Lit Motors. Apple has laid-off many engineers early this month.

The most interesting part about this acquisition would be, Lit motors is backed by Larry Page, founder of Google making it a huge acquisition for Apple.

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