Apple’s iPad Pro available online for sale from Wednesday


Apple Inc has announced its iPad Pro will be available for ordering online on Wednesday and will arrive at stores later this week.

The 12.9 inch tablet, which starts at $799 but costs more than $1,000 if buyers also want a keyboard and an optional stylus, will be available in more than 40 countries including the United States, the UK, China and Japan.

The iPad Pro comes with a lot of promises. The most-repeated is that its A9X chip is a desktop-class processor that fits inside a tablet. Initial benchmark results confirm that this is by far the most powerful chip Apple has ever put inside an iPad, leading some to suggest that Apple’s A9X is now at the same level as Intel’s laptop chips. This could change the PC and laptop industry forever, apparently, with popular Apple commentators suggesting that “the future belongs to ARM, and Apple’s A-series SoC’s are leading the way.” To put it lightly, that’s a bit premature.

With the iPad Pro, Apple has created a tablet with more power than ever before. But there’s no magic or witchcraft to this feat; it just made a bigger tablet. The larger the object, the more room to dissipate heat, and the more space for a bigger battery. It’s basic physics, and the iPad Pro takes full advantage. It contains a 38.5Wh battery. That’s 40 percent larger than the battery inside the iPad Air 2, and about the same as the company’s 11-inch MacBook Air and 12-inch MacBook, not to mention Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

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