Average viewing time on mobile up by 200 hours/year globally


Normal viewing time on cell phones has developed by over 200 hours a year since 2012, driving up the TV and video seeing on a whole by an extra 1.5 hours a week, as per latest study conducted by Ericsson.

Since 2012, the normal buyer internationally has expanded their viewing on cell phones by 4 hours a week, while their other fixed screen viewing has come down by 2.5 hours a week.

Ericsson’s report also stated a point that 40 per cent of consumers globally are interested in a mobile data plan which provides unlimited video streaming capabilities. Most of the millennials normally use multiple on-demand services and value mobility adding to increase in demand for such data plans.

This increase in the mobile viewing also partially goes in sync with basic human need for instant gratification. The report also directed that there seemed to be a low consumer satisfaction when they are looking for something to watch. Almost 44% of US consumers said that on daily basis they were not able to find anything on TV to watch. Consumer today demands for access to high quality TV and video content across different platforms and devices.

Although fixed screen viewing has come down by 2.5 hours a week but the charm and need for TV and video is not fading. Planned direct TV administrations keep on attracting consumers through a common social affair, relaxing lean-back viewing and instant access to live substance. Be that as it may, customers likewise acknowledge and expect the alternative of media individually – the capacity to make their own entertainment.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk