B Jayashankar, Founder & CEO, KNEWCLEUS, talks about infusing technology to education system


Founded in May 2011, Knewcleus is India’s largest parent-school engagement platform with over 1,50,000 users across 5 cities. It has a simple to use, easy to implement and affordable platform, which is designed for all schools in India. Headquartered in Bangalore, Knewcleus’s R&D labs help design solutions to improve learning outcomes for students.

In just three years since its launch, Knewcleus has enabled over 10 million interactions via posts, messages and SMS between the schools and parents, enabling parents to be better informed and engaged with the school, and resulting in much higher parent satisfaction across many schools in India.

Knewcleus is built using the latest social, mobile and cloud-based technology, which makes it easy to use and deploy. The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which means it is extremely reliable and is easy to scale.

The idea for Knewcleus was the result of the founders’ own struggle with the lack of timely information from schools where their children were studying. Parent-teacher interactions were usually limited to an occasional poorly organized PTM, which did not provide any insights about how their children were faring in school. Their search for a better communication system between schools and parents led them to create Knewcleus.

Knewcleus’ goal is to improve academic performance and learning outcomes in the school through better communication between the school, teachers and parents.