Biggest Tech stories of 2011


2011 so far has been marked an era of sweeping and important technological developments as it has witnessed the launch of devices like the iPad 2, Kindle Fire, and countless smartphones. It is seen; nearly all big players of tech industry have dominated the news headlines for good or the bad reason.

At the 2011 end, let’s take a look at the top newsmakers, who have hit the headlines in technology realm.


Google management shake-up: Beginning of 2011 has witnessed a major shuffle in top management by Google. Longtime CEO Eric Schmidt took the charge of Executive Chairman. Co-founder Larry Page was roped in to manage the CEO position to streamline Google’s top-level decision making.

CES 2011: After Apple’s successful entry iPad, CES 2011 witnessed numerous top vendors joining the tablet bandwagon. Some significant named are Lenovo, RIM, NEC, Dell, Motorola and Acer. They unveiled Windows or Android based tablet computers. Even, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed his company’s mobile plans.


Nokia Microsoft alliance: In February 2011, Nokia entered into strategic alliance with Microsoft to turn around the fortune of its smartphone business with Windows Phone 7. The Finnish handset maker has decided to discard Symbian and MeeGo platforms for Windows Phone 7. Nokia announced that imminent Nokia devices would use Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.


Remarkable iPad2 launch: Jobs made his presence felt in the month March with Apple iPad2’s launch, which was much awaited by the tablets lovers. The iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The iPad2’s size is its USP, as it is almost one third thinner than the iPad.

To the surprise, Apple’s co- founder and CEO, Steve Jobs launched iPad 2 despite being extremely ill.


Google forayed OS game: In May, Google entered into OS business with Chrome Operating System. Now, Chrome turned into operating system and an efficient alternative to Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Mac OS and Linux.


Google launches Google+: In the hottest month of the year, the search giant joined social networking pursuit by introducing Google+. The service was directly aimed at Facebook. The newly launched service allows users to upload interactive content, send and receive messages, post comments and share photos within a selected group of friends.


HP launches short-lived TouchPad:HP’s TouchPad tablet was one of the most closely watched new gadgets of 2011 which quickly turned out to be the year’s biggest flop. HP’s tablet was supposed to be a tough rival for Apple’s iPad, but unfortunately it lasted just for seven weeks in the market before HP killed it. Trusted sources informed, tablet’s core software WebOS was one of the significant responsible factors for its failure.


Google’s big deal:Google announced its biggest acquisition ever, a $12.5 billion deal for Motorola Mobility. The deal raised plenty of questions regarding that ecosystem of partners. One of the significant question was whether Google would now be competing with phone and tablet makers with its own Droid and Xoom offerings via Motorola Mobility.


Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO: In a surprise move that has marked end of an extraordinary era, Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. Jobs decision has ended his 14-year reign at the technology giant he co-founded in a garage. At that time, Tim Cook has taken over as Jobs’ successor. However, at that time the reasons for Steve Jobs resign was not clear. Steve’s outstanding vision and leadership pioneered Apple to become the world’s most innovative and valuable technology company.


iPhone 4S Launch: Another remarkable product from Apple’s kitty iPhone 4s has been launched in the month of October. The new Apple device is actually a faster and more capable version of its predecessor iPhone 4. One of the intuitive attribute that Apple has introduced in new iPhone 4S is a “personal assistant” Siri that responds to voice commands with iPhone 4S.

Steve Jobs Death: The next day of Apple’s iPhone 4S launch, Apple lovers had got a bad news. A visionary, who ignited a streak of revolution in digital arena with world class electronic gadgets, Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56. Steve Jobs had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for many years due to which he stepped down from Apple’s CEO chair in September handing over the duties to Tim Cook.


SAP and SuccessFactors Merger: In order to drive business growth, the tech giant SAP has reportedly acquired a software company SuccessFactors to deliver software over the internet. With the latest deal, the tech giant, SAP will pay $ 40 a share for acquiring all common stock of US-based SuccessFactors. It is expected that SAP is likely to become more aggressive into the cloud, through acquisition or internal development.

At the crux, one can easily say big honchos of industry including Google, Microsoft and Apple are the biggest newsmakers of 2011 so far and probably would continue to rule the headlines for 2012 also.

Well! For now, Happy new Year to all.