Bringing a Galaxy Note 7 on a airplane a federal crime now


The Federal Aviation administration had made an official announcement banning Galaxy Note 7s being brought to airplanes early this week and now as per a new emergency restriction/prohibition order passed it is a federal crime to fly with Galaxy Note 7 device.

The new emergency restriction/ prohibition order Federal Aviation administration Order No. FAA-2016- 9288 as of 15th October 2016 , People flying are prohibited from carrying the device onto a aircraft. The order restricts a flyer/passengers from carrying the device in person, carry-on baggage, checked in baggage or in cargo. Flight carriers are ordered to deny any passenger fin possession of the phone from boarding the flight. Also if anyone unintentionally brings the device on board is required to switch it off immediately.

Passengers who bring Note 7 onto a plane are subjected to penalties ranging up to $179,933 for each violation each day they are found to be in violation 49 U.S.C. 5123 and could be accuse /legally charged which could result in fines under the title 18, imprisonment of about 10 years or both 49 U.S.C. 5124

After US, Australian and New Zealand airlines have also banned Galaxy Note 7 on a airplane looking at a potential risk of fire since Sunday. Recent addition to the list is Air Asia which will not allow any Galaxy Note 7 devices from today including flights in India.

This Device crisis is definitely adding towards the tech giant’s statement of losses.

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