Capital G, an Alphabet Inc’s arm has made investment in Snapchat


The venture arm of Alphabet Inc — CapitalG, known as Google Capital before — is discreetly stepping into mobile messaging service space and has put resources into Snap Inc, the organization which possesses Snapchat.

The investment was disclosed by CapitalG by updating their page on its investment portfolio website with addition of social networking firm’s logo. In 2013 Google had expressed interest towards acquiring Snapchat and now the parents company arm is trying to work towards it. No formal announcement about the investment was made by Google the portfolio page was the only source of information regarding the same.

One of noteworthy point is that if you visit the portfolio page for Capital G there are many names that are displayed and when you click on the logos of these companies on the CapitalG portfolio page, the visitor is directed to additional details of the company that is selected. However, the user is not able to experience the same when they click Snapchat logo there is no direction to additional details.

At present the particulars regarding the investment are unclear as there is no mention of Snapchat other than the portfolio page and no official announcement. Details about the amount Captial G has invested or will be investing is also not known.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk