Cisco reveals its new secure storage server


Cisco has launched UCS S-Series a new storage-optimized server enabled with high-tech data security solutions. This supports enterprise optimize hybrid cloud software adoption and a smooth transition to active data.

This Storage Server can manage unstructured data created by the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, mobility, collaboration and video. The UCS S3260 Storage Server, part of the Cisco Unified Computing System (USC) portfolio, delivers rapid cloud connectivity and scalability to help customers convert their data into business intelligence and insights. When compared to other traditional servers, the UCS S3260 us compact consuming 60 per cent less space and consumes up to 59 percent less power.

This server helps lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) by over 50 per cent when compared to public cloud, with the ability to right-size infrastructure that can effectively power workload of all kinds. The UCS S3260 provides a wide range of capacity and performance options with up to 600.

Cisco additionally reported new generation of its “ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite”, a hybrid cloud programming answer for convey a self-benefit gateway that can be custom fitted for end clients, application engineers and IT experts.
The “ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite” offers Service Management, Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Management and the most imperative – Big Data Automation while diminishing danger with close ongoing diagnostics and verifiable examination.

Cisco’s system is to give a server farm design that empowers clients to “Examine, Simplify, Automate, and Protect (ASAP) their information.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk