Cloud providing SMEs with cutting edge technology, acting prime game changer


The cloud providers in India are having 30% annually growth rate, with 30 million SMEs running in the country; the downturn is yet to come.

“Every single cloud provider is thinking SMBs (small and medium businesses) will help. The fundamental promise of cloud is to make IT accessible to all. It should not be the domain of only those who can make large investments. If a cloud is successful, it has to serve SMBs,” said IBM India & South Asia – Cloud Business, Country Manager, Vikas Arora.

According to an April 2017 report by Synergy Research Group , IBM leads in the private cloud space however it is Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google that are the leading providers in IaaS/PaaS space. However, it is the public cloud space that IBM is eyeing on for a big chunk of its future growth.

“We have made it possible for many small businesses to adopt IT through IBM cloud. Close to 90% of our customers now fall under the SMB category,” says Arora.

Arora states that it is a two-way street. The variability of cloud provides users with the liberty to define their own outlines and sky is the limit. From data storage to cognitive APIs, artificial intelligence – everything is made available to users.

“Adoption of IT and digitally transforming yourself does not have to be expensive anymore. The SMBs can now jump onto building world class automated IT infrastructure and move up the chain in the digital world without having to invest in IT or even hiring skilled IT people. A few years back this would have been impossible to believe,” says Arora.

From being a measure to cut costs to becoming a platform for IT modernization to now facilitating experimentation, Arora says cloud has gone through many phases.

“Earlier, cloud was seen as a way to categorize expenses from capex to opex by taking infrastructure outside and then it slowly started moving into an area where companies started modernizing their IT infrastructure and now, customers are doing things which they have not done till now – artificial intelligence, deriving cognitive insights from data, implementing blockchain, machine learning, etc. The scale of computing power needed for this is only available in a cloud,” says Arora.

As the GST makes it absolutely necessary for SMBs to digitize, IBM is keen to draw them on a cloud bearing their logo. “The opportunity is so big and the landscape so open that all players are only limited by their pace. We work with our clients to define the future of cloud,” signs off Arora.

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Jatin Bhatia, From ITvoir News Desk