Delhi High Court: Green signal to Whatsapp privacy policy but with conditions


On August 25th WhatsApp had come with new privacy terms and conditions according to which they can share the user data with Facebook.

This decision of WhatsApp to share its data with the parent company Facebook has been in talks after two Delhi based users moved petitions saying this severely compromises on rights of the users. As many people are using WhatsApp to communicate different things that are personal and important Privacy has become a top concern

The Delhi High court has passed new privacy policies from WhatsApp but with some conditions. Firstly WhatsApp will not be able to share the user data collected till 25th September with Facebook or any other company. A bench which is headed by Chief Justice G Rohini has suggested that data of the users that choose not to use the application basis new privacy terms should be deleted.

WhatsApp’s 30 day time for user to stay or opt out of new privacy policy ends on 25th September. Therefore users who want to value their privacy are suggested to delete their accounts and if users do not delete their data before 26th September they will have no case to build.

Apart from this Delhi High Court has also directed TRAI to look into how such messaging platforms can be brought under legal regulations.

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