Facebook, Google and Microsoft Team up for AI development


Five of the world’s biggest innovation and technology organisations have teamed up to reveal insight into the continuous improvement of Artificial intelligence. The big names included are Facebook, Google and its DeepMind backup, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

This group’s non-profit organisation aims to grow its by associating and including various AI research groups and academics. As reported today, the coalition will be known as the Partnership on AI and it will be co-led by Microsoft Research boss Eric Horvitz and DeepMind fellow benefactor Mustafa Suleyman.

This partnership has its focus on two major pillars. The first is educating the people in general about AI, particularly as the innovation turns out to be all the more profoundly embedded in our regular day to day existence, undermining to robotize human work and assume control over complex undertakings like driving vehicles.

The second is to assure a portion of the business’ greatest players are teaming up on AI best practices and getting contribution from non-corporate specialists. This will allow non-corporate groups to have leadership along with the big corporate. The second set of people includes philosophers and ethicists who are dedicated to complex questions about machine intelligence.

One surprising thing about this project is that players like Apple, Twitter, Intel and Baidu are missing from the list of members. Although, Apple is said to be in chats with the gathering and enthusiastic about the project but has not joined the team yet.

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