Facebook introduces Snapchat like feature-Messenger day


Facebook is allegedly trying another Snapchat-like element for its Messenger application. Facebook’s Messenger Day feature, which is like Snapchat Stories, was seen by users in Poland. In any case, there’s no sureness the element will grow to different nations too. In Poland they are running a little trial of new routes for individuals to share those upgrades outwardly.

Messenger Day allows users to add graphics or text on to pictures and short videos before sharing them with friends. The site posted a screenshot of the new feature, where the Messenger Day option can be seen right above the conversation thread. It offers options like – My day, I’m feeling, Who’s up for and I’m doing – and users can add cartoon like graphics with them. For example, My Day has a ‘So Blue’ option with blue raindrops in the background.

There’s a ‘So Done’ graphic response to My Day, which has a lightning bolt, cloud and raindrops drawn. Who’s Up for includes options like ‘Road Trip’, ‘Let’s go shopping’,”Let’s grab drinks’ and more with relevant graphic representations. Users can click pictures and draw on them as well before sharing.

Messenger is currently an application people utilize throughout the day with dear companions, so it could wind up a superior home for the Stories group than packing it into Facebook’s core application. The Stories slideshow design has ended up being an effective approach to share more than the consummately cleaned pictures individuals post to any social media platform.

Individuals just share their greatest life highlights on Facebook, which doesn’t happen that regularly. Facebook is now so loaded with elements and most likely isn’t opened as much of the time as Messenger. Presently Messenger Day needs to make this easygoing sharing alternative omnipresent before Snapchat can.

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