Facebook Messenger gets a set of new features


It was not very ago that Facebook launched Messenger Day, the social media giant, is now rolling out Reactions and Mentions for its Messenger platform.

In a blog post, Facebook announced “Today, we’re introducing two new features that improve group conversations to make them more fun and useful,”

The Messenger Reactions user to react to a post with a particular emoji, which the users have been using on the newsfeed since almost a year. Though this feature is applicable for reaction to an individual message, it is most suitable for group chats.

When using this feature in a group chat user will be able to view how many people reacted to a particular message in the lower corner of the message. Tapping on the emojis will give a summary of the reactions. When someone reacts to your messages, you’ll see a small animation. You can also opt for notifications on your screen when someone reacts to a message of yours.

The other new feature added to the messenger is Mentions, that allows users to draw attention of a particular person or persons in a group by tagging using a “@” symbol followed by their name with the message. Just like Facebook’s tagging feature.The new features will also be available for Work Chat on Workplace.

The company has already started rolling out the features, and it will be available globally in the coming days.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk