Facebook messenger launches multiscreen group Video chat


Facebook never disappoints you. The social networking giant continues to update its platform to keep you hooked and also to onboard new users. In a most recent series of new launches, the Zuckerberg team has launched multi-screen group video chat on messenger application to make you chat with multiple Facebook friends over video calls.

Video calling isn’t new to Messenger, what’s new is that you can chat with as many as 6 different users, who will all appear on your screen at once donning their Snapchat-style selfie masks.

There is another update too wherein as many as 50 users can listen and talk over voice while sending text message, stickers, emojis, and GIFs — generally creating a forum for holding discussions.

Group video chat starts rolling out worldwide on iOS, Android, and the web though Android will have to wait for the MSQRD-powered selfie masks that may not ever come to the desktop. It’s free on Wi-Fi but however data charges will apply on cellular connections.

Multi-screen group video chat gives an all-together new dimension to hanging out with friends online. It isn’t about sending and receiving a couple of messages once in a while anymore. An extended session with peers for group discussion or joint studies would be easier than ever.

With 245 million individuals making video calls on Messenger each month, the component is sure to take a flying start and give a tough competition to teen app sensation Houseparty, from the makers of Meerkat.

To begin, you select companions or a gathering content string to welcome to a video call. In the event that there are 4 clients talking, each gets a fourth of the screen. Past four, the screen transforms into a display mode with whoever is talking taking up the majority of the screen with little thumbnails of every other person at the base. Also, everybody past the initial 6 up to 50 guests might have the capacity to tune in, talk, and send content yet won’t show up in the video exhibition.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk