Facebook to take away the ‘edited’ tag from posts


It frequently happens that once you post anything on Facebook, you detect a minor grammatical mistake (or any other kind of mistake) or make sense of a superior method for stating it. Be one may have to reconsider the same before fixing it as it will appear with an “edited” tag.

Facebook is removing the “edited” tag from the posts of a few clients, making it hard to see whether a specific status was initially posted or altered later. However, clients and others can still check a post’s altering history. This should be possible by tapping the little arrow icon upper right corner of a post and tapping on ‘View edit history’.

Facebook agents have told Mashable this is a “different” kind of editing framework than what was being utilized earlier. Likewise specified is that the element has been there for a long while, yet has begun taking off just as of late.

The organization has been trying out on few new elements for its site. Facebook as of late affirmed to TechCrunch site that it is working on coloured status backgrounds to all clients on Android, iOS and the Web

As specified by TechCrunch site, Facebook’s new component will permit clients select a colour that they can put on the status bar, which currently is accessible in White colour only.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk