Facebook’s revenue on rise in India


Facebook reported a 43% increase in its incomes in India for the year finished March as advertisers in the nation keep on increasing promoting spends on digital media, as per filings with the recorder of organizations.

The social network giant, Facebook has reported Rs 177 crore in revenues, at Rs 16 per user which was higher when compared to 123 crore at Rs 9 per user in the previous year. The net profit of the organization almost doubled to Rs 31 crore from 16 crore during the last year. India is the second-largest market for Facebook outside the United States, where it made Rs 610 per user, and there is a huge potential for growth keeping in mind the rapid expansion of mobile data usage in the country.

Markets like India are believed to be fall behind in shoppers’ utilization of advanced gadgets, and brands have been slower to grasp computerized media. Traditional media still secures the heft of publicizing spending plans in the nation. However the scenario is changing with most advertisers expanding the promoting spends on computerized media, especially in urban zones where the infrastructure supports Wi-Fi and also affordable mobile connections. Google has attracted a large portion of this spend.

28 million new users were added by Facebook in the country in the last one year. Facebook is also available in Hindi, and has added 11 more local languages to attract Indian customers. As there are many people in India using 2G connections, Facebook has also come up with lighter version called Facebook Lite for which users pay less for internet on phone.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk