Google acquires Qwiklabs a learning platform


Google recently announced acquisition of Qwiklabs, which is a platform for hands on learning of operation of the cloud computing environment as well as coding and writing application for the same.It has a user base of about half a million who spend over five million hours of learning about AWS.

Qwiklabs was launched in the year 2012 with a focus on teaching skills for Amazon’s AWS platform till now keeping the AWS’ dominance in the marketplace into consideration. Amazon utilizes Qwiklabs as a go-to service to deliver self-paced labs for developers on its platform.

“With Qwiklabs, we’re closing the IP skills gap in the cloud,” Jason Martin, director of professional services for Google Cloud, wrote in a blog post.

As per statement given by a Google spokesperson Google will be using Qwiklabs’s platform to offer a  more efficient, comprehensive and on top of the a fun method to train and onboard people across all the products on Google Cloud, which includes Google Cloud Platform and G Suite.

In response to this acquisition Qwiklabs stated that will continue to offer lab learning credits and subscriptions on its site indicating the functioning of existing AWS labs. At the moment it is unclear as to if many new AWS courses will be seen in the future. There are no further specifications about the announcement as per Google. As far as Qwiklabs’s Google Cloud courses are concerned the tech giant does not know any specifics to announce as to when those will go live.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk