Google celebrates Charles Macintosh’s 250th Birthday with doodle


Google has regarded the inventor of waterproof material, Charles Macintosh, with a Doodle on Thursday to check what might be his 250th birthday.

The Scottish chemist’s invention, which led to the modern raincoat, is to be credited for making it significantly more convenient to go out in the rain.

The Doodle demonstrates Macintosh enjoying a Scottish rain shower while testing his smart invention.

“His invention, patented in 1823, came about as he experimented with coal-tar naphtha and rubber and realised they could be fused together with fabric to create a waterproof surface,” said Google in a statement.

In Britain, it is now common to call any type of raincoat a “Mac”.

Born in Glasgow, Macintosh’s contribution is, however, not limited to the invention of waterproof fabric. He also figured out a way to make blast furnaces more productive and also invented a bleaching powder.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk