Google incorporates Cast directly into Google Chrome browser


Two years of testing and now Google has integrated its Google Cast capability directly into its Chrome browser expanding its reach and potential as a seamless transit channel for digital life of users.

This means that now, there is no need to download any additional software and users can throw individual browser tabs to their Chromecast – or even their desktop – in addition to the services like Netflix or Google Play Music.

Google Cast is now available on third-party hardware as well including speakers and TV, in addition to its own Chromecast and Chromecast Audio dongles.

Users can even cast to other apps, like Google Hangouts, and the Cast for Education app, giving more options for use in multi-user settings like classrooms and virtual meetings.

According to the tech giant- Google, “casting” from Chrome is a popular activity and over 38 million casts were sent from Chrome in the past month alone. These numbers should surely shoot up now that the feature’s built-in, especially since sites like Google Play Music and Netflix will show you an icon right in the address bar, no menu digging required.

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