Google to launch Android Things an all-in-one platform to build IoT devices


Google is rebranding Project Brillo, Google’s Android-based Internet of Things activity with “Android Things,” a stage for creating applications and administrations of internet of things.

The tech giant has propelled a developer preview of Android Things, which will keep running on the Raspberry Pi 3, Intel Edison, and NXP Pico hardware platforms.

Google mentioned in a blog post “Now any Android developer can quickly build a smart device using Android APIs and Google services while staying highly secure with updates direct from Google. We incorporated the feedback from Project Brillo to include familiar tools such as Android Studio, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Google Play Services, and Google Cloud Platform,”

Android Things will give engineers a comprehensive, all in one platform to work, plan and grow new IoT gadgets utilizing the mainstream OS as a starting stage.

Observably, Google will overhaul Android Things gadgets “direct from Google.” The post also says that the updating capacity will be accessible for the developer preview in the coming months. This element will likewise permit developers to convey their own overhauls to their gadgets.

Google is additionally consolidating Weave and Nest Weave. The organization will discharge an open gadget SDK for the Weave communication protocol, alongside an administration support and access to the Google Assistant.
The Company also added “We’re also working towards merging Weave and Nest Weave to enable all classes of devices to connect with each other in a secure and reliable way. So whether you started with Google Weave or Nest Weave, there is a path forward in the ecosystem,”

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk