Google Reply lets users reply without typing a word


Google Reply app, based on artificial intelligence (AI) – gives smart reply suggestions to users for their chat notifications. The users can reply by just tapping on suggestions instead of typing. Google Reply does not only work with Google Allo or Hangouts, but also with other messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. The Smart Reply feature was first seen in Gmail inbox emails.

How will Google Reply work?

Once the app is installed on your smartphone, you need to grant access to notifications. Google Reply will go through your notifications. The notifications will be sent to Google’s servers where it will be processed using AI to suggest a number of contexts and automated replies for your chat. Tap on the suggestions to reply. Though this app can irritate people who believe in privacy, but the app will ease their chatting life. Also, Google claims the data will be shared in a secured network and will be deleted immediately after finding suggestions.

Google Reply Screenshot 2                  Google Reply Screenshot

(Image Source: Android Police)

Google Reply is currently in testing phase and will soon be available on Google Play Store.

The app will make life easier for Android users because apart from suggestions to chats, users can also set auto-replies to the specific type of messages. For example, if the user is driving and gets a message like, “Why are you not taking my call”, Google Reply will send back a message to the sender as “I’m driving now”. Google Reply also has a unique sound alert for the keyword “Urgent”.