Google’s new pixels smartphones are bigger threat to Samsung- Here is why


Google‘s “Phone by Google” launched on Tuesday was as much a jab at Apple Inc’s iPhone as a sales pitch for its new Pixel phones, with executives from the global giant search company taking shots at their competitor at every turn.

“A premium Android strategy is really a strategy to take market share from Samsung,” said Jan Dawson, an analyst of Jackdaw Research. The South Korean smartphone mega giant has already is reeling from a highly publicized recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phones due to battery explosion.

“Obviously Google doesn’t want to explicitly compete with its own partners, but this product is much more likely to compete with Samsung than Apple,” Dawson said.
Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc, clearly has its sights set on the iPhone and the luxury consumer base that it commands.

“There’s no unsightly camera bump,” hardware chief Rick Osterloh told the audience at the phone’s debut, alluding to the iPhone’s raised camera, a feature lamented by some design aficionados.

Imitation is flattery

Nevertheless, the Pixel line bears a strong resemblance to the iPhone, coming in two sizes and a variety of sleek finishes. The Google Assistant, powered by artificial intelligence software, is a response to Apple’s Siri. And as

Google prioritizes making its own hardware under Osterloh, its emerging design philosophy echoes Apple‘s.
Hardware executive Mario Queiroz touted the company’s attention to packaging, a feature that the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously obsessed over.

“You want the consumer first of all to have this great experience out of the box in terms of the design of the packaging,” Queiroz, a vice president of product management at Google, said in an interview.

He brushed aside concerns that Google’s hardware push will pit it against its Android partners. The technology embedded in the Pixel phone is meant to propel Android devices forward, he said.

Google could find itself squaring off against two extremely deep-pocketed rivals. Apple and Samsung are the largest smartphone handset makers and both have major marketing programs.

Spokespeople for Apple and Samsung did not respond to requests for comment on Google’s launch.

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