Google’s Own smartwatch now may be set for a Q1 2017 launch


It was not long back that reports came Google is working on its own smartwatches .It was also rumored that this smartwatch will be launched along with Pixel smartphone that were launched recently. But the recent update according to reports suggests the wearable might be released early next year.

If the reports are to be referred Google might released this rumored wearable in Q1 2017.It will be available in two variants for men and women. It has also been stated that the device will be powered by android wear 2.0 Platform.

This platform supports stand alone apps and also supports handwriting recognition along with a revamp in the general interface.

The rumored smartwatch does not have any commercial name as of now and it is also not known if it will be Pixel branded. But the preliminary reports and images suggest that watches are code named “Angelfish” and “Swordfish”.

The Angelfish is apparently a larger model which has an extended functionality with LTE and GPS support, which means that it can work without being connected to a phone. “Swordwish” on the other hand is a smaller sized model that lacks the LTE and GPS capability. The images also show a new watchface which displays more information than the present versions.

It is also reported that these wearables are still in the prototype stage hence the end product can be different from what the preliminary reports and images indicate it to be.

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Madhurima Goyal, ITvoir News Desk