HP Envisions Uplifting IT Industry with Innovative Storage System


HP has ventured on another innovative boat of technology with the launch of a more manageable and simplistic technique of Data storage. The company envisions helping data department of IT industry with its ‘Converged System’ of storage that not only simplifies the data, but also provides speed to its processing. And to add more value to it, it is truly a cost-effective storage system of the next-generation.

HP states that their Converged Storage System will empower the future success of IT industry combining all the small, medium and large enterprises.

The IT industry has been observing a rapid growth. Especially, in past two years, the industry has grown with a double digit. It is predicted that this growth will be 50 times of the present in next five years. Thus, the data will also grow at the similar phase that can be up to 800 percent. The industry requires to be prepared to manage this exponential growth in data with the help of more efficient applications, like big data and analytics along with delivery models such as virtualized infrastructure and cloud.

The present state of data is continuously growing towards complexities of outdated IT. It is very important for the industry to optimize and modernize the system into a new style of IT that is more compatible to the future needs, and that accelerates revenues and reduces business risks along with the cost in an innovative manner.

In a recently organized media release on 19th Dec’2013, the director of storage, HP India, Barun Lal expressed that ‘HP understands the need of data centers of future and is eliminating IT complexity through its innovations in the new HP Converged System portfolio’. Converged System is a complete integrated IT system created for accomplishing the purpose of key workloads such as virtualizations, big data and hosted desktops. This system allows IT organizations quick deployment, intuitive management and system-level support to help shift focus from systems integration to delivering the applications that empower their business.

HP states that HP Converged Storage restores and raises business productivity at a record speed and reduced cost, besides delivering security of higher level.

“The next generation of CIOs and CTOs will be at the center of organization’s business strategy and relied upon to drive business growth, accelerate innovation and manage risk”, said Barun Lal, Director of Storage, HP India. “HP Converged System and HP Converged Storage offerings allow the users use technology to deliver fruitful results that boosts success by creating an agile pool of resources that can deploy quickly, stimulate results and transform an organization’s data, its most valuable asset into an actionable and competitive insight”, he added.

IT industry is increasingly turning to better integrated systems that reduce resources on architecting and refining solutions. And with its new technique of storage, HP is answering all the requisites of the industry. To justify it, HP’s Converse Storage comprises of four pillars, combining Autonomic Architecture, Polymorphic Simplicity, Di-duplication and Federation. It is an engine which is 100,000 times faster and will transform the whole industry.

“I have never seen something which is 1000 times better before, in my almost 23 years of experience in IT industry”, said Barun Lal at concluding the press.