HP India unfolds its PC strategy for ‘Millennials’ in 2018


HP Inc. is looking to spread its roots globally as well as nationally and its strategy is to target a different audience, while according to IDC, the company had a market share of just over 31% in Q3 2017.

Being the aggregator of the gaming PC market of India, in 2017, HP Inc. came up with some brilliant bunch of hardware products and is still moving ahead of the newest processors and GPUs in the market. The company is betting big day by day on its gaming portfolio and the crowd that drives its growth – ‘Millennials’.

Senior Director – Personal Systems of HP Inc. India – Mr. Vickram Bedi, said “Given the fact that millennials prefer innovative and well-crafted gadgets, they are always on the lookout for owning technology that not only meets their specific needs but also adds to their personalities. Based on these insights and gauging market trends, our innovation team is able to focus on product innovation and offerings that are in line with the demands of the millennials. HP’s robust premium and gaming portfolio is a testimony to our focus on ‘Millennials’.”

“Smartphones have proven to be a ‘tremendous boost’ for the gaming industry in India”, Mr. Bedi added. The company has upgraded their portfolio in less than a year because of the constantly growing demand for gaming laptops and desktops. As Mr. Bedi shared – “We launched the OMEN by HP gaming range in February 2017 and in less than a year, we have introduced the refresh of those devices, signifying the interest and potential of the gaming market,”

Mr. Bedi specified that besides OMEN, HP’s Pavilion is one of the highest selling segments in the student category while having ‘Spectre’ in the lead under USD 800+ categories.

The firm recorded 30.2% growth YoY as well as HP led the traditional PC market with 31.1% share in the bag from Q3 2017. Lenovo and Dell came in at second and third with 24.1% and 20% market share respectively.


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Harpreet Rishi, From ITvoir News Desk