Is Huawei working on its own digital assistant?


Huawei, which has been advertising Amazon’s Alexa digital voice assistant for its cell phones in the US, and as per reports they are also working a new AI for their devices in China.

As per a report by Bloomberg, they have a group of more than 100 specialists who are working in the digital assistant.

It has been added that Huawei means to assume control over Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and curiously, even Amazon’s Alexa with its own digital assistant. The report additionally says that the new AI will speak with clients in Chinese dialects. In the interim, the organization will continue working on its own Assistant.There is no formal confirmation yet, we may see some more insights about digital assistant in the Huawei P10 flagship phone.

When its own advanced right hand is completely created, Huawei may even discard Amazon Alexa totally, for its cell phones sold in the US.

Huawei is not by any means the only Android OEM working on digital assistants. Samsung is additionally expected to launch “Bixby” its virtual assistant. The AI is said to utilize the innovation made by Viv Labs, a startup established by people behind Apple’s Siri.

LG as well, has affirmed that it will have an upgraded AI in its upcoming G6 flagship. Not long ago, Huawei posted a notice including on-screen character Justin Long. The ad jabs fun at Apple. Huawei utilized Long in two of its commercials.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk