IBM launches cybersecurity centre in India


IBM has launched what it says is a state-of-art cybersecurity command centre in Bengaluru to serve customized security solutions to its Indian customers.

The organization says it planned this long before the additional push for digital in India originated from demonetization. But the present environment makes the move look especially relevant. Concerns about security are getting to be at the top-of-mind for many involved as the Modi government forcefully pushes digital payments.

The head of security serviced in IBM India, Sandeep Sinha Roy, demonstrated that those concerns are not misplaced. “We deal with an average of 140 million incidents in India a month,” he said. Episodes can involve incidental or malicious acts by internal employees of the organizations, or outside threats.

The new centre of the company can offer tailor-made solutions for its customers, give alerts and advisories in the light of global events, 24×7 emergency response services for security ruptures and services to deal the security of gadgets being utilized by employees. It can guarantee that data resides within the country and never leaves, a compliance requirement that some enterprises in India need to follow. IBM will bring the power of its Watson cognitive computing system also to the space, enabling it to provide a whole new level of analytics and instant response.

Mathew Newfield, director of managed security services in IBM, said Watson is being beta tested with 40 global clients. “We’ll start training Watson in the Indian environment shortly,” he said. Systems like Aadhaar and UPI (unified payment interface) make the Indian environment different from others.

Roy said the financial sector in India, particularly banks, has been intense about security, and has turned out to be all the more so with the recent push towards digital. “These (digital security solutions) are the guards of the future, not the security monitor at the bank branch,” he said. He refused to name the banks because of non-disclosure agreements, however said 18 clients, including Dewan Housing Finance and Aditya Birla Nuvo, and is being serviced by the new centre.

In November, IBM Security reported a major extension of its occurrence response abilities, including new facilities, services and software as a major part of a $200 million investment made this year. Apart from local centres in India like the new one, IBM likewise has ten global security service centres, incorporating one in Bengaluru, that have recently been rebranded as X-Force Command Centres. These centres work as a solitary entity to service clients globally.

Earlier this year, rival Accenture launched a worldwide flagship “Cyber Fusion Centre” in Bengaluru that leverages the organization’s inter-disciplinary capabilities and combines everything related to cyber security – from strategy, innovation and counseling to execution and trouble-shooting incidents- under one roof.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk