India price revealed for Pokemon Moon & Pokemon Sun for pre order


Few weeks back, Pokemon Go was a worldwide phenomenon that attracted everyone with its augmented reality-based magic game. Even though it has lost a little enthusiasm now, It isn’t the only game in the series. Two more titles – Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon that were announced earlier for Nintendo 3DS are supposed to hit the console in November.

Now, the India prices for the games have been revealed. Both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have been listed on Game The Shop and Amazon India’s website at Rs 4,099/- and are available for pre-orders. In addition, the Amazon India listing also reveals the release date of the games. As per the listing, Pokemon Sun will be released on November 16 and Pokemon Moon is set to release on November 18.

Both games will be available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, English, Korean and Japanese languages. They will also be compatible with Pokemon Bank, where users can store their Pokemon. Nintendo has already mentioned that the games will have a character named Professor Kukui and her assistant Lily, both will have an important role in the game.

In related news, Pokemon Go’s popularity seems to be fading in the US. At its peak, estimates said Pokemon Go reached more than 40 million daily active users. But currently, developer Niantic has no cause for concern. The app is still a hit in multiple parts of the world and current numbers are still very impressive, especially for a new product.

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