Lenovo lays off employees from Motorola phone division


Lenovo recently confirmed that it will be laying off a significant number of employees from the mobile phone division. This layoff though is expected is to impact only 2% of its total 55,000 employees.

Lenovo bought Motorola in 2014 but for a long time it remained untouched but start of 2016 Lenovo has been making efforts to integrate Lenovo’s business in Lenovo phone business. Lenovo’s Ownership of Motorola has been marked with difficulties. To overcome this and make this integration profitable and work well they have readjusted the Moto products in overall Lenovo’s phone lineup.

As per statement given by the giant, they state that this layoff is part of this strategic integration of Lenovo and Motorola mobile business. This layoff also follows significant cuts that were made by the brand last year reducing its headcount by 3,200. It this layoff process they want to align the organization and streamline the product portfolio so that the brand can complete in the competitive market.

Despite these layoffs they are intending to keep the Motorola mobility head quarters in Chicago itself as the Brand believes the Chicago has well-deserved reputation when it comes to technical excellence. This also clears the speculation of shifting the head quarters.

These efforts also mark a step towards managing costs, driving efficiency and support improvement in the financial performance.

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