LifeSize names Andreas Wienold as VP International


LifeSize Communications, a leading supplier in the field of HD video communication and a business division of Logitech, has named Andreas Wienold as International Vice President. The telecommunications expert has 18 years of professional experience in the IT and networking industry. Before taking up his new role, Wienold had been Vice President of Sales and the Director of Sales for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) at LifeSize for 7 years. In his current role, he is now also responsible for markets in Asia, Africa and Australia, and aims to increase LifeSize’s local market share for large and medium-sized companies and the public sector.

Many synergies result from the centralised management of regions, as certain markets in EMEA and APAC (Asia Pacific) have similar standards and challenges in terms of video communication solutions. For example, there are advantages for markets such as Russia and China, or Germany and Japan, as very similar quality requirements apply here.

Before joining LifeSize, Wienold was Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, at VCON Telecommunications. In this role he successfully led sales in China, Japan and India.”LifeSize’s smart video solutions are already supporting video communication for global teams,” explains Wienold. “Together with the existing organisations in Asia and Australia, I’m looking forward to further increasing our market shares in these regions. The outstanding quality and flexibility of our products together with the excellent price-performance ratio are an ideal basis for this.”

LifeSize has been successfully working in Wienold’s new area of responsibility with its own employees and local offices since 2005. The company currently runs sales operations in China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia , Australia and New Zealand. All relevant markets in the Asia-Pacific region are supported from here.