“Loop Closed” by new Google metrics for advertisers


Recently, Google, the mega search engine company, announced a slew of new updates in advertiser’s week. All of which seem to be aimed at bridging the gap between advertising on all mediums, especially offline and online mediums.

Attribution has become important for marketers as they increasingly undertake cross media marketing campaigns. In such scenarios, ensuring a fair estimation of the contribution of each medium tends to become convoluted. Every marketer will find themselves in this scenario, especially when it comes to offline and online mediums. Google, itself, has been criticized by some commentators as being overly partial to the final medium in the acquisition process.

With the new announcements, Google is also attempting to match Facebook in terms of log-in data from clients by reducing dependency on just cookies and mobile Ids, which might not give the most accurate information all the time.

Among the announcements, there was an extension of the BrandLift program which further closed the loop between TV and mobile. As defined by Google, BrandLift measures the direct impact of YouTube ads are having on perceptions and behavior throughout the consumer journey. This includes increase in brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favorability, purchase intent and brand interest.

“Today, we’re extending the capabilities of Brand Lift to TV campaigns to show marketers how TV ads increase Google and YouTube searches for your brand compared to YouTube campaigns. From early tests, we’ve seen that YouTube generates almost 2x searches per impression than TV generates,” wrote Brad Bender, VP of Display and Video Advertising at Google, on the Official Google Blog.

Google is also adding location extensions and store visits measurement for the Google Display Network (GDN). This move comes as Google says that there exists “a real connection” between online ads and offline visits. According to the company, 30 per cent of smartphone users who visit a website or app on their phones buy something in a store within 24 hours.

Google has also announced the launch of cross device remarketing for GDN and DoubleClick Bid Manager. This will enable marketers to address audiences with a common communication across devices and decide how frequently they see ads across devices.

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