Maharashtra Govt. ties up with Oracle for designing effective Smart City


Maharashtra Government and Oracle have decided to create an arena known as the Center of Excellence (CoE). It will be intended to help expedite Maharashtra’s smart city program. It will also focus on modernizing the government’s IT infrastructure.

The Govt. of Maharashtra originated a program in the month of April for developing 10 smart cities that will get added to the 33 already announced smart cities by the central government in the initiative.

Safra Catz- Oracle CEO and Devendra Fadnavis (the Chief Minister of Maharashtra) have signed and mutually agreed upon a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the same grounds.

“The landscape of governance has now been changed by Cloud computing,” said Mr. Fadnavis. He further added that with Oracle, Maharashtra govt. would want to build an all new, transparent, efficient and inclusive system that assists the people. The CoE will be a step towards that direction and thereafter will make more services available.

The CoE, based out in Mumbai, will be serving as a research podium to design, develop and evaluate advanced capabilities for delivering prominent e-services. The CoE will also offer flexible and scalable framework, along with a team of experts, enabling individual cities to measure and replicate its solutions.

Both the parties have decided that they will invest in the IT infrastructure, training and skillset resources along with the management of the CoE.

This project will most probably get finalized by the end of this calendar year.

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