Make your smartphone smarter with Kaspersky Mobile Security Solutions 9


To enrich a smartphone with full proof security Kaspersky Lab, a leading manufacturer of secure content and threat management solutions, launched Kaspersky Mobile Security Solutions – targeting both consumer and corporate.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0, a new generation of solution that protects smartphone and communicator users from malware, network attacks and SMS spam, safeguards the data on a smartphone or communicator if it is lost, and which offers a new Privacy Protection feature enabling users to hide information about any contacts they want to keep confidential. The new version now supports the Android and BlackBerry platforms alongside Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Smartphones like Blackberry and Android phones are gaining more and more popularity in the Indian market. According to a research, Indian consumers are expected to buy 12 million smartphones in 2011. This growth definitely is a precursor to the number of trojans and malware that may be aimed at the smartphones. The only way to be sure that your device is protected is to install a proactive security software on the device.

With the all-new KMS 9, owners of Blackberry and Android-based smartphones can now get comprehensive protection for their device and all of the data stored on it

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 will help you keep your data confidential should your smartphone be lost or stolen, and can help locate a missing device too. The solution allows you to wipe confidential files or block them remotely by sending a special SMS; locate your lost device with the help of the GPS Find tool; or block your phone and be notified of its new number if the SIM card is replaced.

Mobile users running Symbian or Windows Mobile operating systems can password protect and encrypt their files with a strong encryption algorithm. The GPS Find feature will help you pinpoint your smartphone‟s current location, and if Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is installed on your child’s device, you can always locate them quickly and easily. The Parental Control module in Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 lets you restrict which numbers your children and other vulnerable individuals can call, such as premium-rate numbers, and allows you to control who calls them.

KMS 9 is available at leading retail stores at Rs 599 only.

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