Microsoft, Workday inks global partnership for Office 365


Microsoft’s partnership spree is just not stopping. In its quest to build credibility for Microsoft’s fast-growing business Microsoft is driving partnerships with software companies which are dedicated in that model. The latest addition to it is integration/cooperation pact between Microsoft and Workday. The two brands have worked together in tangential ways in past. This new integration/cooperation pact will create even more close ties between their software.

As revealed yesterday under this pact both the brands will work together to integrate Office 365 and analytics tools from Microsoft with Workday’s could-based finance and HR application. This pairing will enable Office 365 groups to work with Workday’s application. Hence the changes that are made in workday be reflected automatically in the groups.

They are also committing to connect Workday human capital management with Microsoft graph which is set of programming interfaces to extend and connect Microsoft apps and services. Using Microsoft’s Delve analytics workday users will be able to see how they’re spending their work time. Delivery of these integration announced are announced to begin second quarter of 2017.

It is also a known fact that Microsoft is in the midst of a revamp of its ERP and CRM strategy with launch Dynamics 365 service. Microsoft has also inked integration with other companies in the productivity space which includes names like Salesforce and IBM. They are also geared up with LinkedIn acquisition which they will be using to build out Human-Capital-Management stable.

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