The new smartphone app will monitor your blood pressure


The scientist have developed a new app to monitor your blood pressure more accurately than cuff devices. The Michigan State University scientist, including Indian-origin, have found more convenient measurement point. Unlike existing BP devices, the app will measure BP through fingertip arteries, which will be easiest and accurate way.

“We targeted a different artery, the transverse palmer arch artery at the fingertip, to give us better control of the measurement,” said Anand Chandrasekhar, MSU electrical and computer engineering doctoral student and the lead author. “We were excited when we validated this location. Being able to use your fingertip makes our approach much easier and more accessible.”

This new approach uses two sensors: an optical sensor and force sensor. The sensor unit along with other circuitry are covered in a 1 centimeter-thick case attached to the back of the phone. The user now has to open the app and press the sensor unit with their finger. When pressing the sensor unit, the user now has to hold their phone at heart level and watch their phone to ensure that they are applying the right amount of finger pressure on the sensor unit.

According to WHO report, around  7.5 million deaths worldwide are caused by raised blood pressure. This account for 57 million DALYS (disability adjusted life years). Raised blood pressure is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and ischemic as well as hemorrhagic stroke. Apart from this, raised blood pressure is also the reason behind heart failure, renal impairment, visual impairment and retinal hemorrhage.

The phone app will give BP patients a convenient option to measure blood pressure and keep a record of daily measurements that would produce an accurate average of blood pressure for better medication dosage. The team is focusing and working on the accuracy part of the invention hopes to pursue more comprehensive testing based on the standard protocol of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.