Nintendo unveiled its handheld-home console hybid- Nintendo Switch


After a successful series of Pokemon go, Nintendo has unveiled a first look at its new, March 2017 console: A handheld-home console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. The company unveiled its new product with a three minute video.

Giving shape to two years’ worth of rumors, leaks and speculation, Nintendo’s next console represents a convergence of handheld and home console technology. Known as the NX during the stage of development, the final product- Switch comes as a portable screen bounded by two slide-on controllers.

Where a TV is available, the Switch slots into a docking station and the display is instead shown on the larger screen. As for storage media, cartridges are physical media of choice, succeeding optical discs as Nintendo’s home format for the last 15 years.

Its controllers “Joy-Cons,” as called by Nintendo, can be clipped on to a larger, gamepad-style caddy, the “Joy-Con Grip,” or used separate from one another, or even be replaced by a more traditional gamepad.

The Switch facilitates two or more consoles to link together for an expanded side-by-side multiplayer experience.
Nintendo did not supply a retail price for the March 2017 console as of yet but instead published a list of nearly 50 game development partners, illustrating the breadth of support behind the initiative-Switch.

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” has been accepted as one of the Zelda franchise’s most ambitious product yet, anticipated as a launch title for the Switch.

Nearly a minute of its 3m37s preview trailer was devoted to the fast-growing pursuit, as Nintendo presented the case for its portable hybrid Switch to become an essential part of the eSports scene.

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Sameeksha Bhardwaj, From ITvoir News Desk