Nissan to extend into internet connected cars


Nissan Motor Co will make its first significant invasion into web associated cars by offering a choice in some new vehicles that will utilize big data innovation to tell drivers when vehicle support is required.

With the accessibility of new portability alternatives including ride-hailing and auto sharing administrations undermining to cool interest for individual auto possession, automakers are searching for better approaches to draw in steadfast drivers.

Nissan said that it would likewise advertise the gadget required to get to the administration, which can be retrofitted into existing models. Later on, 30 percent of its current vehicles would in the long run be outfitted with the equipment. The new administration will be empowered by a telematics control unit which will empower the automaker and its merchant system to get to data about the auto’s diagnostics and area, cautioning the driver to any required support work.

Kent O’Hara, Nissan corporate VP and leader of its worldwide aftersales division said”We’ll comprehend what’s the issue with that vehicle, we’ll know where the vehicle is, we’ll recognize what parts are required for the vehicle … what’s more, we can give advantageous administration and option transportation choices.” Aftersales for the most part record for around 14 percent of automaker incomes, as indicated by industry specialists.

He added with network they can give better data and better administration offerings to the clients.He also mentioned that administrations and other new advancements would contribute 25 percent of the automaker’s aftersales incomes by 2022, from “low, single digits” right now.

Nissan did not comment on the pricing details but they are definitely focusing on the mass market.

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk