Novatium simplifies personal computer with Navigator 5.0


Novatium, the leaders in PC as a service has announced the availability of new Navigator 5.0 operating environment. The new version makes it amazingly simple to use the personal computer and makes computing a truly convenient and supremely enjoyable experience.

Navigator 5.0 offers an advanced user interface and significant new features that provide superior experience and allow people to get the most out of their PC. Now a subscriber has the ability to personalize his desktop with a number of widgets such as mails/TV/messenger/To do task list/calendar /Games/ News etc for easy content access.

PC as a service removes the complexities of virus protection, software updates, application installation and maintenance by running all software in the backend. These features are moved away from the user to the cloud. The services, including client hardware, are remotely managed end to end by experts.

The ‘zero maintenance’ device works as play and plug service with all the data residing in the backend in fully secure data centre. It offers enhanced features such as 3G support, plug and play printer support, faster browsing and multimedia providing users unparalleled computing experience. Moreover, users will automatically get ‘on air’ upgraded to navigator 5.0 totally free of cost.  

The service offering is completely free from maintainance/upgrades and virus, extremely user friendly and offers an ability to pay as per usage and easy payment mechanisms through Novatium Wallet. By offloading the overhead of running the operating system to the cloud, a PC as a Service device is able to perform common tasks and regular Internet browsing in a far quicker and responsive manner.