Panasonic to adopt new strategy to beat the Competition


To stand apart in the competitive smartphone market and beat bigger rivals like Samsung and Micromax, Panasonic is working on mobile apps that aim to “make life easier”.Panasonic aims to roll out the new apps in the next 2-3 months in India.

Panasonic India & South Asia president & CEO Manish Sharma told “We are working on some really innovative applications, which would eventually make the life of people easier. Maybe, in about a few months time, you would be exposed to those kinds of applications and user interfaces which I think would differentiate the devices,”

Keeping in mind the current status of the Indian market where Chinese players are dominating the smartphone space he mentioned that depending solely on a strong portfolio of devices will not help them sustain the market.

He also added “We have entered this market only two-and-a-half years before and by that time the market was penetrated. We have to catch up and only the devices will not let us do that. Possibly, in the near future, we would see more applications to come in and we are working right now,”

The details for apps being talked about was not disclosed but said they “would eventually make the life of people easier.”

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Madhurima Goyal, From ITvoir News Desk