Philippines banned Pokemon Go in Government offices


The much talked about and hyped augmented reality game Pokemon Go has been banned in Philippines public offices. Other Southeast Asian neighbors also following similar decisions to limit this blockbuster smartphone game because of its impact on productivity.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) said in a report that it will no longer grant permission to play the game during office hours and will also request the Pokemon Go developer to remove government offices from the list of Poke Stops and Poke gyms.

Vietnam and Thailand also have taken similar measures to increase productivity.“It affects work. Employees might not be able to fulfill their duties at that time,” said Maria Luisa Agamata, public assistance and information officer of the commission.

A building in the lawmakers’ complex and the Quezon City Hall, both at the heart of the capital Manila, are designated Poke Stops, places where gamers can collect new items.

The augmented reality game was launched early this month in the Philippines which is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in Asia.

Pokemon Go was developed by Niantic and an affiliate of Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd, combines a classic 20-year old franchise with augmented reality. Players walk around real-life neighborhoods to hunt down virtual cartoon characters visible only on their smartphone screens.

This is really a good way to keep people fit if they walk while playing the game as it make users to leave couch and explore. It will also make them socially active but on the other hand it has blamed for a rash of car accidents and a slew of mishaps stemming from distracted players. It also played a very big part in decline in performance graphs of students or people who work.

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