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5 most powerful women in IT world

In every organization, there are few people who are inarguably outstanding at what they do. Further, they are typically charismatic, energetic, creative and dominate the industry with their influence. But, it is wrong to say that technology industry's top-most powerful people are all men, the fairer sex also leads the world.
No doubt, the global IT industry is dominated by men, but women also made their presence in this competitive world. Starting in 2004, Forbes magazine has made a list of the 100 most powerful women in the world taken from a wide array of fields. Here we discuss the five women from the IT industry who can be well acknowledged.

Carol Bartz, CEO and President, Yahoo!

Carol Ann Bartz, the President and CEO of Yahoo! listed at number twelve. Previously, she also served as Chairman, President and CEO at Autodesk, the world's largest producer of design software for use in architecture, engineering and building construction.

She worked impressively in Yahoo and renovates the organizational structure, replacing executives and cutting costs including 675 jobs or 5% of the workforce. Recently, Yahoo has updated its home page, joins hand with Microsoft and purchased Arabic web portal She holds an honors degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin.

Ursula Burns, CEO, Xerox

Ursula M. Burns currently serves as CEO of Xerox Corporation, listed fourteen on the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list. She is the first African-American woman to head a S&P 100 company. She joined Xerox in 1980 as a mechanical engineering summer intern. She subsequently held several positions in different departments of Xerox and in 1991 she became the executive assistant of Xerox chairman and CEO.

In May 2000, she was named senior vice president, Corporate Strategic Services and two year later she appointed as president, Business Group Operations.

She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Polytechnic Institute of New York in 1980 and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia in 1981.
Safra Catz, President, Oracle

Safra A. Catz  ranked at number sixteen in the list. She is serving Oracle since April 1999. From November 1999 to January 2004, she served as an Executive Vice President and as Senior Vice President from April 1999 to October 1999. Currently, Catz has been serving the company as Chief Financial Officer and President.

Before joining Oracle, Catz was at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, a global investment bank, where she was a Managing Director from 1997.  She also joined HSBC Group as non-executive Director since May 2008 for three years.

Catz holds a bachelor's degree from University of Pennsylvania in 1983 and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1986.
Ann Livermore, Ex VP, Hewlett-Packard

Ann Martinelli Livermore, the Executive Vice President at Hewlett-Packard ranked at thirty one. She joined the company in 1982 and has worked in wide array of services like sales, marketing, and research and development jobs before being elected as corporate vice president in 1995. She had performed an important role in the HP's $13.9 billion acquisition of EDS.

Livermore was also named in Fortune and Forbes annual ranking of America's leading businesswomen. She earned a bachelor degree from the University of North Carolina and MBA in 1982.

Virginia Rometty, Sr. VP, IBM  
Virginia Rometty, Senior Vice President of IBM ranked at number sixty-nine.  She is a member of the Board of Directors of American International Group.
She holds Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and handles IBM's sales force in 170 markets around the world. She leads the integration of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting , IBM's largest acquisition in professional services history.

Renu Singh/ITvoir Network