What technologies Microsoft would reveal to combat rivals?

In 2010, Microsoft Corp, the software giant has been planning to introduce various new gadgets based on its new software like tablets and Windows Mobile 7 based devices. Further, the company has also announced that it will bring Windows 7 SP1 by the end of this year or next year. Its upcoming motion controller based console, ‘Project Natal’ is reported to be delayed, but may release by the year end.

Besides, the above development, the company is also working on various other concepts, which it showcased in its annual TechFest. Here, the feature discusses about the few future technologies on which the Redmond giant is working.

Microsoft OneAlbum: Face-recognition technology

OneAlbum is the project, which is presently handled by Microsoft Israel Innovation Labs. It uses face-recognition technology to search for photos on the web. The app scans from the user’s OneAlbum photo collection that is commonly available on the web and appear on various social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Windows Live and others.

The app also searches other relevant pics from other albums on the Internet and will accumulate to the user's album. After that, users can visit the photos side-by-side.

Play musical instruments through your movements

The software giant is also working on the technology through which users can play musical instruments through their wrist movements, for example Guitar. The technology will read and decipher the movements like finger twitches and convert exactly to the sound.
The technology somewhat based on the Project Natal, but here the user have to wear the movement sensors to tap the motions and muscle movements.
Mobile Surface for Touch interface

To squeeze the size of the gadgets, Microsoft has been developing a new user interface called Mobile Surface available for pocket-sized devices. The technology can compete with any touchscreen device, the company claimed. The technology integrates a small webcam and digital projector, which can develop touch interfaces on any nearby flat surface or even in thin air. The technology will also feature in the company’s upcoming Project Natal game control system for the Xbox 360.

Cloud Mouse for 3D navigation

The Redmond giant is updating the age-old mouse with new Cloud Mouse, which can navigate displays of 3D data. It means that users can now twist and turn through the web pages. The new device will not have a flat bootom, but has about six degrees of freedom for tactile feedback.
Project Gustav for printing

The software giant is developing an art-based programme, which can change a PC screen into a canvas. With a stylus, users can paint on the screen that copies a paint brush. The touch application offers a real-life experience with its painting style.

Translation Telephone for real time chatting

In the event, the company has also introduced a `Translating Telephone,' which can allow users to have a real-time chat with someone in another language. The software in the device permits translation of one language into other so that they can successfully communicate.

Anuj Kumar/ITvoir Network