QNAP announces new v3.5 NAS Management Software


QNAP Systems, Inc.announced new V3.5 NAS management software for its Turbo NAS series, embedded as firmware. The new V3.5 firmware provides compatibility with Apple’s new Mac OS X Lion operating system, provides LDAP, antivirus, syslog server support, and more. Firmware 3.5 also includes service binding feature and enhanced MyCloudNAS service.

Firmware V3.5 provides several new security enhancements. New antivirus feature allows the administrator to scan the NAS manually or on a recurring schedule; then delete or quarantine files infected by viruses, malware, Trojans, and other malicious threats. New RADIUS server provides RAIDUS-client-enabled devices with centralized account management and authentication for network access. External drive encryption blocks unauthorized access and protects data on external drives from theft by encrypting a disk volume or a specific partition.

A NAS server that talks! Newly supported Windows Live Messenger notification sends error and warning alerts to predefined Windows Live account. The administrator is able to receive the current system temperature, disk and volume information by typing inquiry commands on the Windows Live Messenger program.

In addition, firmware V3.5 simplifies account and group management in large-scale organizations with LDAP client support, improves service performance and system security with network service binding feature, allowing the administrator to assign network services to specific Ethernet interfaces, and centralizes network log management with syslog server feature.

Tags: NAS server, Windows Live Messenger, RADIUS, V3.5 firmware, Trojans