Second NVIDIA Developer Connect to showcase innovations in Artificial Intelligence


NVIDIA has announced that its second edition of the Developer Connect will start from September 17 in Pune and will conclude on October 9 in Chennai. The Delhi chapter will be held on September 25.

NVIDIA today announced Developer Connect 2018, a platform for developers in India to experience innovation in AI and high-performance computing while learning about new technologies, understanding future opportunities and networking with industry experts, NVIDIA technologists, and peers. Scheduled to begin on September 17th, 2018 in Pune, followed by events in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai, the company plans to double the engagement from 5000 to 10,000 developers through the program this year.

The Developer Connect program is part of NVIDIA’s developer engagement strategy which also encompasses training and re-skilling via the Deep Learning Institute (DLI), as well as access to the company’s free global developer zone. The developer zone membership which has more than quadrupled from India in the last one year provides access to free SDKs, NVIDIA’s CUDA and cuDNN libraries, along with the TensorRT framework and much more.

Re-iterating the importance of India in NVIDIA’s global developer strategy, Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, NVIDIA South Asia, said: “AI, the greatest force of our time is the most amazing software technology which has the ability to achieve superhuman results. NVIDIA Developer Connect 2018 is a platform that seeks to bring the vibrant Indian developer ecosystem together to harness the unprecedented opportunity of AI in India.”